Don't Let the Sound of Your Engine Wake Up the Neighborhood

Count on us for muffler repair services in Columbus, OH

You might love the sound of a revved-up engine, but not at 7 a.m. when you're leaving for work. If your engine is making more noise than usual, you might have an issue with your muffler. Columbus Automotive Services Center offers reliable muffler repair services for vehicles of all makes and models. An auto mechanic from our dedicated crew can repair or replace your muffler in no time. That way you can leave for work without waking up the neighbors.

Contact Columbus Automotive Services Center today to learn more about our muffler repair services. We're always happy to answer your questions.

Is it time for new brakes?

In addition to muffler repair, Columbus Automotive Services Center also offers comprehensive brake repair services. You should get your brakes inspected by a trusted brake shop in Columbus, OH if:

  • Your brake light is on
  • You hear squeaking or grinding noises when you brake
  • Your car wobbles or vibrates when you brake
  • You notice fluid leaking from under your car
  • Your brake pedal feels spongy or soft
  • Your car pulls to one side when you brake

Don't ignore these signs of brake failure-trust Columbus Automotive Services Center to handle your brake repair needs right away. You can stop by our brake shop in Columbus, OH at your convenience.