Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

Get an auto tune-up for your car in Columbus, OH

Your engine is the heart of the car. It impacts every system in your vehicle. If your engine isn't performing properly, neither will the rest of your car. Columbus Automotive Services Center can make sure every part of your car is ready for the road. We offer auto tune-up and engine repair services in the Columbus, OH area. You can rely on us to fix your engine and make sure it's performing like new.

Stop by Columbus Automotive Services Center in Columbus, OH today to get an auto tune-up for your car or truck.

Does your engine really need service?

It's not always easy to tell why your car has been acting up. If you think you might need to have engine repair work done but you're not sure, look out for these signs:

  • Your check engine light is on
  • You hear a knocking noise under the hood
  • You notice fluid leaking from your engine
  • You see smoke coming out of your exhaust

Call 614-848-6789 now to speak with an experienced auto mechanic about your engine problems. If you're worried about driving it to the shop, you can count on us to tow it over here safely.